As the wife of angler Lance Baker. I grew up a small town Iowa girl fishing the nearby rivers with my Dad. Let me tell you, the first time Lance took me home to fish with him and his dad Steve, I had no idea what I was in for!! The first day they took me out I expected the normal fishing I had experienced all my life.... Sitting and waiting for the bite. This, however was NOT the case with these two. The first fish I hooked was the 50lb Striped Bass you see in the photo gallery tab on the site! That big ole fish took me for a chase I will never forget! About a solid 30 minute fight! I was determined to get that monster in the boat… and I did and now am hooked for life! I guarantee you that you and your friends will NOT be disappointed if you book a trip with these guys! It is absolutely an adventure you can share for years to come and they will catch you a fish of a lifetime! The Baker’s have carried on a family tradition and now we also have this amazing opportunity to pass this journey down to our daughters. They LOVE to get outdoors with their Dad, Papaw, and I and catch their own ||biggest fishys” as our 3yr old would say! I am proud that our family can also share these experiences with you!

Chelsea Baker

Chelsea Baker

Thank you to the Steve and Lance Baker for a fishing experience of a lifetime. Tom Lee and I caught stripers up to 45 lbs and nothing under 20 lbs. The Baker boys are experienced and knowledgeable and a joy to fish with and they even go so far as to cast net for local forage (bait). They made us feel very comfortable with their laid back southern hospitality and the results greatly exceeded all our expectations.


Rick Daup

Fishing with Lance Baker and his dad Steve was a trip of a lifetime. The stripers and smallmouth bass fishing was epic. With stripers on the upside of 35lbs and smallies up to 6lbs. great guides and friends as well.


Steve Pair

Let me begin by saying whatever I say here cannot scratch the surface of what it is like to spend time fishing with Steve and Lance Baker...NEVER in my life have I got to fish with guys that LOVE doing what they do more than this father and son/friends. They do what they do for one reason...THEY JUST LOVE TO FISH...if you want to experience a lesson, good times and the HONEST TO GOODNESS opportunity to catch the fish of a lifetime take the time to spend a day or two with these two TRUE professionals and just down to earth good people...you will not find more knowledgeable, safe and productive guys on the water anywhere!

Tracy Cochran

Tracy Cochran

I have been fortunate enough to fish with the Bakers. You want to catch fish and they are absolutely determined that you do you catch fish. In the morning they start as your guides, by the afternoon they are your friends. This experience is guaranteed to be great and unique!


Bob Campbell

I have been fishing with Steve Baker for about 15 years now and I can honestly say that Steve is by far the best fishing guide that I have ever been out with. He works really hard to get you on the fish and keep you on the fish You will not be disappointed when you book a trip with him.

James Dyches